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  Five years of ADO16 information


It seems strange to think that on the 8th November 1999 I took my first steps towards creating another ADO16 space on the web. At the time the only ADO16 presence on the web came in the form of Michael Carnell's MG 1100 website, Declan Berridge's Princess website, and Colin Anstey's web site which focused on club events and details of his own vehicle.

I took the plunge, little did I know what I was letting myself in for! After all how hard could it be to sit down and churn out some pages with Microsoft Word? Much to my horror it was difficult! Firstly, how could I make my site different to everything else that was available and how did the Internet work? So after much head scratching, many a night burning midnight oil and numerous editions of Computeractive, I decided that I'd cover the whole ADO16 range and had a basic understanding of creating pages.

So, I got my information, got Microsoft word working overtime and pieced some pages together. Click the image below to visit the first ever live website.

My 1100 website - 8th November 1999

It was first launched on the 8th November 1999. Visitors to the site would have seen a front page similar to that shown on the left. It was only in 2000 the site got an official title.


Hopefully, you didn't cringe too much. Looking back it seems hard to imagine the site ever looked like that? I'd like to offer a tip at this point, firstly, don't design web pages using Microsoft Word, and secondly, don't copy that!

By May 2000 it was clear that I needed to enhance the site. What better way to achieve this than with a slight make over. The content has also grown slightly, as we'd recently purchased K-C. The site starts look at the restoration of K-C. I'd also named the site "The 1100's the star technical centre".

The 1100's the star technical centre - 8th May 2000

The site was named, the layout was changed slightly, and the front page images were removed, little did I know this was a step... in the wrong direction!


It really does seem strange taking a trip down memory lane. The site certainly needed sprucing up, and in 2001 some new functions were added to the site. The internet was getting into more homes and more developers were giving us new coding. It allowed things such as displaying the users local time etc.

The 1100's the star technical centre - 27th January 2001

After previous "test" versions in 2000 it was decided to go for a bottom bar containing other functions such as the date and time, and site advertising.


Whoops! That look wasn't too hot, but all good designers learn from their mistakes.. right? By July 2001 it was clear that there were too many items for a side menu, so a replacement had to be drafted in from elsewhere. This was the start of the drop down era. The black was also ditched in favour of much lighter background.

The 1100's the star!- 11th July 2001

Frames are out! Well, for a while anyway. The first of my designs to use a lighter background. If only I'd gone for this look sooner! Still no image on the front page.


Finally, 2002 was the year when the site got a new look and a front image! Let's not forget the new name also made it's first appearance. By this time Declan Berridge had agreed to help out where ever possible, and I'd started to get more time to devote to my design. August 2002

Subtle yellow and orange are in! Finally an image for the front page, and a completely new look. was ready to handle the crowds of ADO16 owners.


Just as things got sorted out, I decided that I'd change the site once again. This time still focusing on a welcoming front page, but more "quick links" from the front page. Making viewing the site even easier. 3rd March 2003

Centre picture and side navigation features make the site feel more friendly, and of course make use of the empty space around the picture.


So, there we are, what does 2005 hold? Well for that you'll have to check back at a later date to see what new content has been added to the site.


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