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Member sign in - FAQ's

Having problems signing into the member's only section of the website? Check out some of the most frequently asked questions below:

How do I sign in to the members only area?
We'll assume you've already taken the initial steps of joining the club (welcome), and have received your sign in details on your welcome email. You then need to the visit: You should see a sign panel, similar to the one below. Type in the Username and Password advised to you, and if it's easier you can press the eye button at the end of the Password field to check your entry:

Hit enter, return, or click the sign in button. If you've entered the correct details you'll land on the home page.

Where do I get the username and password from the members area?
The username and password would have been issued to you when you joined the club (it usually comes through in just a few minutes once you've completed the payment). If it helps, it's on the same email as your membership card.

Still can't find it? Not a problem, contact our Membership Secretary who will be happy to reissue your welcome pack (complete with the website sign in details).

I've received the username/password, but receiving an error message stating "Wrong Username or Password", what does it mean?
Firstly, don't panic, most of these errors are easy to sort out - but require a methodical approach. Follow the common solutions below:

1) Check the Username & Password are being entered exactly as they have been supplied (Do not copy & paste from your email!), both are CaSe SeNsItIvE.
2) Clear your browsers cache, specific instructions for your browser can be found on the internet.
3) Check any antivirus/firewall software you have running on your PC, and ensure that & are both trusted websites.

If after completing the above steps you still can't get access try another browser, and/or another device (such as a tablet). Finally contact the Webmaster for further support. Please note: Our help and support is limited specifically to use of and, and our ability to replicate errors is limited to the systems/browsers available to us.


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