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Crayford had already had success with their ventilation kits for the pre-1965 Ford Cortinas. Crayford had come up with a kit that could make an old model look like a newer model with the Aeroflow grilles on the rear quarter panels.

In September 1965 Crayford announced that were able to offer a similar kit for the ADO16 and the ADO17 The kits for the ADO16 were reasonably priced at 8 15s. The kit was supplied with the following: two bright metal grille plates, which were fitted to the outside of the rear quarters. A moulded plastic ventilation duct, for fitting to the rear parcel shelf. The ventilation duct extends the full width of the parcel shelf which aids with demisting.

The complete kit showing the split duct and mesh grille. The two black squares are rubber flap valves which open at approximately 10 m.p.h

Stale air from the inside of the car passes into the ventilation duct and through the shelf into the boot. From the boot the air is extracted out of the grilles mounted on each quarter panel. There was no direct connection between the duct and grilles so that the air flow also extracts any fumes from the boot compartment.

Two holes need to be made in the rear quarter panel each side. This is so the air grilles can be fitted to the bodywork.

With the car sealed (all the windows and doors closed) and the heater fan switched on there is a strong blast of air which could be felt outside the grilles.

So, how well would the system work? Crayford left a car outside in heavy rain for several hours, then they took the car less than a mile with no windows open. The movement of air through the car cleared the condensation completely.

The metal grilles as fitted to the rear quarter panels. They actually look quite at home with the other chrome work associated with the MG models.

Each kit came complete with instructions and all the necessary bits for the DIY owner to fit for themselves. The only problem may have been cutting the holes to mount the grilles. Crayford did offer a full money back guarantee in case the owners family objected to them cutting up their communal transport! Or if you didn't like the quality of the kit you could also be reassured of receiving a full refund.


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