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Crayford estate


It seems hard to imagine the ADO16 range without an estate car to complement it, but until 1966 when the "official" estate car was launched this was the reality. Leading up to the BMC launch several third parties had a go at creating one of their own...

In 1964 Crayford Engineering Co (C.A.D. Ltd) of Tatsfield, Kent; who are perhaps better known for their soft top conversions of Mini's and ADO16's (to name but a few) launched an Estate version of the ADO16.

The conversion was simple, and could be completed on a new or existing car. The price depended on the level of conversion; the dexluxe conversion cost £115 0s 0d, while the standard conversion cost £79 0s 0d.

Both conversions consisted of removing the existing back panel, and casting a replacement in a light alloy metal. It was the hinged from the roofline and retained the original rear window. The boot lid was, again, retained and rehung from the bottom. To complement the external works, the deluxe conversion received vinyl trim to rear quarter panels and the Crayford name badge applied on top. The standard conversion just received a badge on the bootlid.

Internally the back seat was altered so the base could lift up and the back fold down to create a truly flat loadspace. Finally, the fuel filler neck was redesigned so it was not taking up newly accquired boot space.

No alterations were made to the suspension sytem, which was intended to reduce the chances of the rear from being overloaded. The maximum permitted load on the rear floor is 561lb's.

The car below was owned by a member of The 1100 Club, a number of years ago. It is not known whether the car is still around. Click on the image below to see a selection of images of this car.



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