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  Crayford convertible


After Jensen's failed attempts to make the 1100 into an attractive open top car, two years later BMC allowed Crayford to have a go and see what they could come up with. After all by this time Crayford were already producing soft top versions of the Wolseley Hornet and Riley Elf for Heinz. It seemed that it would be good choice for BMC to approach them to convert the 1100.

By 1969 Crayford had come up with perfect package around the price mark that BMC were happy with. Crayford carried out the conversion on either the Morris 1100 or 1300 and the MG 1300.

"The individual car" was used as the advertising slogan for the Morris & MG conversions. They weren't wrong, were they?

It was common at the time that lots of elbow room would be taken up by the hood when it was folded down - not with Crayford though! They managed to engineer the roof so you could keep the majority of your elbow room when seated on the back seat. So, what's the catch? You got a smaller boot! By Crayford allowing you to keep the majority of your elbow room, you did have to sacrifice some of your boot space for the hood when it was folded down.

With the hood up, you still have the advantage of the large rear window. Doesn't it look strange with the panel occupying the space that would normally be taken up by the back window?

After the body of your car had been altered you had the option of allowing Crayford repaint the vehicle the original factory, or you could opt a metallic or micro-glow colour from the Crayford range at extra cost. Thus giving your car extra individuality.

The standard hood colour was black, but what if you'd chosen a colour that black just didn't go with? Crayford were also able to offer the hoods in Beige, Blue or Grey. However, this option would have cost more.

The hood was operated by a toggle system. Two "over centre" toggles were fitted which allowed the hood to be lowered or raised with ease.

To complete the look the doors were heavily modified. The conversion just wouldn't have looked right if the window frames had been left in place. Crayford had to strengthen the window winding mechanism and also the window track, so the window would stay in the correct position as it was raised or lowered.

With the windows rolled down and the hood folded back you have a practical soft top. How many vehicles, at the time, could you say that about?

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Purchase tax

Total cost

Morris 1100 de luxe


341 16s 5d

1466 16s 5d

Morris 1300 Super de luxe


354 0s 10d

1519 0s 10d

MG 1300 Mk2


392 10s 10d

1683 10s 10d


The car:


Conversion could be carried out on either a car straight from the factory or your recently purchased Morris 1100/1300 or MG 1300.


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