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From small performance enhancements, to full blown makeovers the ADO16 had a reputation for being easy to modify.

Below you'll find some instantly familiar names such as Crayford and Downton, but what about the Marchal four headlamp conversion? Conversions are grouped as per the handy links below.



 .: Crayford Convertible

It's just a shame that the Crayford 1300 convertible didn't win the heart of more customers. Passenger space wasn't lost and you could benefit from having a sports car appearance.

Maybe the reason nobody took up the offer because the weather in the UK is so unsettled?

 .: Crayford Estate

Crayford soon realised that BMC was catering for an estate in its range. So before the "official" estate was launched Crayford introduced there own version with a spilt drop down tailgate.

This conversion could be carried out on either an existing car or a new car.

 .: Crayford Ventilation

BMC were heavily criticised for the lack of ventilation in the ADO16. Thankfully, Crayford had come up with a system that would modify your ADO16 enough to allow air to flow through.

Crayford offered a full money back guarantee, whether you don't like the look of the conversion when you've bought it or your family object just as your about to cut up your communal transport you could return your kit for a full refund... but what if you'd just made that first cut?

 .: Jensen Convertible

In 1966 Jensen purchased three Austin 1100 Countryman's with the idea of building a convertible car. Cost and market trends made BMC reject the project.

BMC, didn't moth ball the idea altogether. In 1969 Crayford approached BMC with a similar suggestion, and a lesser price tag - and got the job!

 .: Marchal four-headlamp conversion

An interesting conversion, although I'm sure I've seen this somewhere before? This set up originally appeared on the Innocenti IM3 in 1963.

How come it took someone until 1966 to try it on the UK market?

 .: Mystique

An ADO16 hatchback? Yes, you read it right!


 .: Alexander

A conversion that was carried out by Alexander conversions. Similar to that of Downton.

 .: Broadspeed - Motorway 1100

A conversion that was carried out by Broadspeed tuning. Broadspeed were perhaps better known for their tuning of Minis that were used in many rallies.

 .: Downton

A conversion that was carried out by Downton tuning. Similar to that of Alexander conversions.

 .: Mangoletsi

A conversion that was carried out by Mangoletsi tuning.

 .: R.J.V. tuning

A conversion that was carried out by R.J.V tuning, using similar equipment to Mangoletsi.

 .: Speedwell 1100 GT

A conversion that was carried out by Speedwell. Speedwell are perhaps better known for their conversion of Mini's.

 .: Speedwell 1300 GT

A conversion that was carried out by Speedwell. The 1300GT was released by Speedwell before the "official" BMC version.


 .: Austin 1100 Supremo

The Austin 1100 Supremo wasn't a cheap conversion. If you were, however, prepared to spend the money you got the taste of luxury motoring on a working mans car.

My only grumble with the car is the centre console on the dashboard. It's not very stylish, and it appears as though it's an after thought. The steering wheel on the other hand...

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