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Role: Chairman
Name: David Rachel
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About me: David purchased his MG 1300 in 1992 rapidly becoming a self-taught home mechanic, since then he has only ever owned classic cars; that MG 1300, now with a fast road/rally spec 1380cc engine continues in everyday use, a wolf in sheep's clothing winning along the way the odd award and sharing garage space with a Triumph 2.5 PI Estate, a Lada 21047 and a classic Carlight Caravan.

Role: Deputy Chairman
Name: Chris Jones
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About me: Whilst growing up in the late 70's and 80's the ADO16 range were a common sight on Britain's roads, at the time Chris' Taid (Grandfather) and Uncle were both mechanics either fixing the then current range of Rootes group or British Leyland cars as well as the continental cars that were in Britain also. In 1994 Chris bought his first ADO16, and his "collection" has grown to include a 2x Austin 1100 Countryman's, a Wolseley 1300 Auto, and a Vanden Plas 1100.

Role: Webmaster
Name: Michael Turner
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About me: Michael's interest in cars started from an early age, when he would spend time in his Dad's garage observing many a job being undertaken. Naturally as Michael grew up, cars were firmly a part of his DNA, and as such the interest has gone from strength to strength. Having always had a keen interest in all things British, it probably wouldn't surprise you to know that his portfolio of cars have always been British made.

Role: Treasurer
Name: Dave Jacobs
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About me:

Role: Membership Secretary
Name: Kelly Brickey
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About me: Kelly was raised with his parents' 1960 Morris Minor 1000 and as a youngster would regularly visit the local British car dealer in Boise, Idaho to sit in Jaguar's, MG's and even Marina's; often bothering the sales reps into starting the cars up! From the age of six Kelly started working on cars with his older brother and in due course gained a degree in auto mechanics in 1981. A 1958 Morris Minor 1000 was transport for high school but was followed by a succession of mainly US cars resulting in a list approaching nearly two hundred! 2015 saw the first ADO16, a 1967 MG 1100 due to become a daily driver; the distinctive A-series note and cheeky exhaust rasp creating love at first sight - the MG joins other current British cars in the stable, a 1958 Morris Minor 1000 2-door saloon, a 1998 Land Rover Discovery and a 2000 Jaguar Vanden Plas.

Role: Spares
Name: Simon Harley
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About me: Simon's love of the 1100 range came at a very early age. His dad bought a 1966 MG 1100 that was previously registered HMF 1 when Simon was 6. He bought a VDP to use as spares but decided to restore that one first. Both cars were in a terrible way and not having much money he salvaged what he could from other scrap 1100s. It was from those spares cars Simon learnt how to take 1100s apart. However, it wasn't until many years later he learnt how to put them back together again! Simon's involvement with 1100s has now spanned 24 years and around 40+ cars of every model and age....but never a Riley asthey have always alluded him. Currently Simon's family own 5 1100s (2 GTs, 2 MG 1300 two door and an Austin 1100 mk1) along with 4 minis and a metro.

Role: Show Organiser
Name: Alan Webb-Moore
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About me:

Role: PDF "Magazine" Editor
Name: Kevin Kershaw
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About me: Kevin lives in NZ and his interest in ADO16 began as a schoolboy in 1965. In 1973 he managed to buy second hand MKII Morris 1100 followed by an Austin 1300. He currently owns a 1974 Austin 1300 (assembled in NZ) which has had 1 previous owner, and a 1972 Morris 1300 GT registered new in NZ but assembled in the UK. Both have had gearbox professionally reconditioned and are kept to original specification.

Role: Newsletter Editor
Name: Martin Williamson
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About me: There is something about the 1100 and 1300 that just gets under one's skin. If you have to ask you won't understand. You're probably thinking of that awful first car you got if you are a certain age. You probably remember one in every scrapyard, although those of you a little older will remember one on every street before they started rusting away. Since getting his first 1300 (an Austin Apache) as a 21st gift from his folks Martin was hooked into a love/hate relationship with these little sods. Having had another, more recent flirtation with a 1968 MkII two door, white MG 1300 that was in the best tradition of 60s boy racer by virtue of a "phat zorst" in today's parlance and sans bumpers, you'd have thought Martin was cured. No... Since he sold his Apache in 2002, he has owned: a 1968 MG 1300 MkII, a "1968" MG 1300 MkII 4-door, a 1968 MG 1300 MkII and currently has a 1967 MG 1100 Mk1 in his garage.

Role: Technical Support
Name: Sid Malik
Email: Click here to contact

About me: Sid's love affair with BMC cars started with his Dad's Mini Cooper MK1 and then an ex-hill climb Morris 1300 2-door. In the mid 70's Sid started an apprenticeship at AFN Porsche and had as his first car a Morris 1100 MK1. Today he owns and runs a busy Porsche specialist garage and has a private collection of around 50 classic cars; the collection sometimes changes but always includes up to eight ADO16's, often very rare variants such as Downton or Innocenti, there are also various Mini Cooper's and Cooper S's. Other cars of note are an Opel Manta, a BMW 2002, Fiat 128's and various Porsche's including a very special 930 Turbo

Role: Hydrolastic Support & General Secretary
Name: Dawn Kennedy
Email: Click here for Hydrolastic Support
Click here for General Secretarial matters

About me: Dawn's partner Ian has been interested in Classic Cars since he used to play in his families 1959 Austin 7 (Mini) when he was 4, he bought his first Austin 1100 Mk2 before he was old enough to drive it! Dawn met Ian in 2007 and up until this point had never even seen a Classic Car. It was only a matter of time before Dawn was bitten by the bug, and the pair went from owning 3 Classic Cars to expanding their collection to 8 (there isn't a modern car in sight in the Kennedy household!). In 2014 someone Dawn & Ian knew had trouble with their Hydrolastic unit so they replaced the damaged hose on the displacer, having done this they discovered there was a demand for this so started their own business (details for Dawn & Ian's business can be found on the services page).


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