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 .: Guest writers - Neil Castle

Neil Castle tells us how a routine eBay purchase turned out to be more interesting than originally thought.

Not many of us can say we're a model owner, but Neil can...

 .: Guest writers - Keith Hallock

Keith Hallock takes us on his journey negotiating the path of ADO16 ownership. Something which many of us take for granted.

I didn't realise how difficult it was trying to find a car to buy, maybe things have changed a little since I last looked at making an ADO16 purchase?

 .: Guest writers - Andrew & Helen Jones

Andrew's father owned a Morris 1300 in the 1970's, which is when Andrew fell in love with the range. He promised himself one day he'd own his own ADO16.

Some thirty years later Andrew came across a vehicle on eBay. He placed a bid but was soon outbid. Little did he know Helen, his wife, had a surprise for him...

 .: Guest writers - Chris Jones

Chris Jones takes a look at one of BMC's most versatile estate cars, and looks at other "one hit wonders" related to the estate's conception.

Chris also owns two 1967 Austin 1100 Countryman's.

 .: Guest writers - Earl Sharpe

Earl bought his 1969 Austin America in 2004 after seeing it in a compound. After purchasing the car, he began driving it home - but as with all new purchases something always goes wrong. At least it was only the exhaust coming adrift.

Primrose the new black...

 .: Guest writers - Terry Trueman

Terry Trueman takes a look back at how he first became a fan of the ADO16 range - and to what lengths he went to, to purchase a 1968 Wolseley 1300.

Terry is one of many readers who have purchased their vehicle off the auction web site eBay.

 .: Mailing list - Red telephone box challenge

The mailing list ran a competition for a few weeks to see who could come up with the best red telephone box picture.

The winner was...

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