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The ADO16 is what makes this site possible. Here you'll find a selection of information relating to the cars themselves. In depth features on each model, and even details about the BMC Competition departments 1100's.

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 .: Austin 1100 Countryman cutaway

There are two ways to look at this vehicle. 1) It provides excellent, natural air conditioning in the summer. 2) With few panels to rust or damage, the cost of ownership is kept to a minimum.

Now, for the reality, it's a marketing machine!

 .: Brochures

Brochures, the perfect way for any manufacturer to show off their pride and joy!

Of course, BMC/British Leyland were no different, and many of the brochures used "artistic licence" to impress!

 .: Colour charts

Half the buzz of buying a new car is getting to pick the colour...

Choose wisely, or you could be stuck with something you don't like for a long time!

 .: Conversions

Back when the ADO16 was a "trendy" car, CD players, full body kits and massively over sized wheels were just a dream. If you wanted to customise your car you could take advantage of one of many body/engine conversions that were available.

From Crayford and Downton to lesser known companies such as Folkstone Motor Co, and Marchal.

 .: DER Vans

Large companies such as DER invested in 1300 estate cars, because their sales reps and repair engineers could fit large appliances in the cars. At weekends the employees had the flexibility of a car.

 .: Duo tone colour schemes

If you spot any ADO16, other than an MG, Riley or Wolseley in duo tone colours, I'd suggest walking away.

This guide shows which types of ADO16 were available in which Duo tone colour scheme.

 .: Finance options

If you didn't have the capital to buy your new car outright, then Hire Purchase was your next best solution.

 .: Internal publications

These leaflets were never intended for you and me to see...

So now they're here, what are they all about?

 .: Invashrew

Looking for an disabled access car that's 'years ahead'?

Check out the competition run for school children by BP, and see how a simple idea became a very sought after product!

 .: Kit cars

Kit car manufacturers cashed in on the fact that the humble 11/1300 rotted.

Here you'll find a selection of kit cars, some of which should never have dared touch the road!

 .: Magazine advertising

Well, you've had the press photos promoting BMC/BL cars in all their finest - so it only seems right that the Magazine advertising is just as grand!

 .: Meet our ADO16s

After just under two decades of ADO16 ownership, our time has come to an end. Take a look at our previously owned 11/1300's here.

 .: Mysterious MG turned detective to crack this one... Why, if it wasn't for that meddling Webmaster!

 .: Press photographs

I'm sure you'll agree each and everyone of these photos the cars are shown in idyllic surroundings.

But.... would I really want to go out in the snow?

 .: Price lists

The list price of a new car can certainly spark debate...

How many people actually paid the list price for their ADO16 when it was new?

 .: Police cars

An ADO16 was an ideal choice as a cop car, but who'd have thought that even though forces right across the UK had them, so many would be long gone?

The police car pictured, was the last 1100 in service with the Metropolitan police.

 .: Rally cars

ADO16s were used as rally cars, however not so much as the Mini. The competitions department had a habit of taking as much out of the cars as possible, seats, trim, glass (replacing it for Perspex).

The ADO16s life as a Rally car never, took off, which was a shame when you consider what a good package they had.

 .: Ranger Kit Car

This particular kit car reminds me of a "grown up" Mini Moke.

 .: Trivia

Some interesting snippets of ADO16 information you may not already know. A nice idea if you plan to catch someone out...

 .: Warranty information

Although I wouldn't like to try and hold BMC to this warranty these days, they are a valuable source of information.

4 months warranty for a second hand car... not bad considering what you get now!


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