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  Broadspeed - Motorway 1100


It would seem strange when compiling a section on engine modifications not to include the work of Broadspeed, who are perhaps better known for conversions on Minis.

Broadspeed named their tuned 1100 the "Broadspeed Motorway 1100". Claiming that you cruise easily at 85 m.p.h. But you had a little room to creep up to 90 m.p.h. As with other conversions, such as those carried out by Mangoletsi, and Alexander, little was done to the engine as a whole. The combustion chambers and ports in the cylinder head were redesigned to follow the principles worked out on the Broadspeed Minis, the compression therefore increased to 9.9 to 1, although this is kept as low as possible. A modified inlet exhaust manifold has it throats and ports enlarged, polished, gas flowed, and a modified 1 in. SU Carburettor is fitted. A big bore straight through exhaust system was also fitted.

The cost of conversion was 65 which was quite reasonable when you compare it to that of the MG 1100, which the Broadspeed Motorway 1100 could out perform.

Also fitted was a brake booster (fitted at extra cost) and a set of DS11 brake pads at the front to provide greater stopping power.

The Broadspeed motorway 1100 being put through it's paces on the test track.

Performance data


Maximum speed: 90 m.p.h


Speed in gears



Top speed (standard car)

Top speed (Broadspeed)


26 m.p.h

27 m.p.h


41 m.p.h

46 m.p.h


65 m.p.h

71 m.p.h


79 m.p.h

90 m.p.h





Time in secs. (standard car)

Time in secs. (Broadspeed)

0 - 30



0 - 40



0 - 50



0 - 60



0 - 70




Fuel consumption: 29 - 33 m.p.g


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