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 Before you start


Before we get into the nitty gritty of owning an restoring an 1100 it perhaps important that I first set out the goals for this section of the site.


1. Share our experiences of owning and resorting an 11/1300.
2. Give detailed descriptions and instructions how we have carried out jobs.
3. Provide help for other 11/1300 owners who have ground to holt?

It is important to remember the following before attempting to do a job:

1. Do not attempt to carry out a job unless you can comfortably finish what you start.
2. Just because something has worked well for us, it doesn't always mean that will work for other people.
3. if you don't feel you can do the job, don't start it.
4. Please remember that you should always put safety first.
5. Never start the car in an enclosed space, as the fumes are highly toxic
6. Keep clear of moving parts under the bonnet once the engine is running. While it might be tempting to stick your fingers in fan, its generally not a good idea.
7. If jacking up the car remember its important to ensure you block the car up, either with axles stands or blocks of wood if you are attempting to carry out a job where you need to go under the car.


Working on cars, can be dangerous, if you exercise care, and common sense you really can't go wrong!








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