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Using sales figures for the Morris 1100 and the Morris 1500 I thought that it might be interesting to set the figures out so it would be possible to compare the difference in sales. The 1100 figures are based over five years in production whereas the 1500 figures are only based on four years in production.

Below you'll find a chart showing the difference between the number of vehicles sold.



This chart gives an interesting picture of BMC's sales. Both vehicles obviously sold better in their second year of production. However the difference between the number of 1100's sold and number of 1500's sold is 10,374.

The data used in the chart above was made up as follows:


1st Year

2nd Year

3rd Year

4th Year

5th Year














The Morris 1100 appeared to hold the sales unlike it's newer sister which after a rough start, due to technical problems never really secured it's place as a top seller.

Sales figures were kindly supplied by Phil Rixon of


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