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  Australian market


Below you'll find a fleet of ADO16's models available for the Australian market. It's always interesting to see how the vehicles differed from the UK spec.

 :: Morris 1100/1100s

You'd think that the Morris 1100 would be the same spec as the UK version wouldn't you? Well if you thought that you'd be wrong! There were around 40 improvements made for the Australian conditions.

Some of the improvements make sense, even for UK production cars. Some of the smaller (cheaper) ones were used on UK built cars.

 :: Morris 1500

The Morris 1500 could be classed as a car that was designed locally. The only thing was, it was actually designed at Longbridge and built in Australia.

Perhaps more commonly recognised in the hatchback version the Nomad. With a Maxi style rear end (although it was actually taken from a Renault) and bulge in the bonnet.

 :: Sales figures

An interesting look on sales of the Morris 1100 and Morris 1500. It's surprising when you see them plotted side by side on a graph to see the difference between the two.

I'd have thought that the Morris 1500 would have been more popular because of the larger engine?


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