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Proposed replacement - ADO22

ADO22 was a proposed face lift of the 1100 that BMC were working on prior to the subsequent merger, to form British Leyland, in 1968.

The bodywork was overhauled at the front, and the rear making the car slightly longer. It's clear, from the photo below, that the same bonnet was to be used, but the wings and front panel were squared off. The bumper is mounted slightly higher up, and is clearly mounted in a different manner.

The centre section of ADO22 is untouched externally. However, a revised interior would have been fitted along with improved safety features.

Alex Moulton had also been appointed to design a revised suspension system - could this have been the first car to feature Hydragas?

It seems such a shame that this project was cancelled in favour of the Allegro. With more refinements, and development could this have been a better seller than the Allegro?



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