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MG frustrations


MG have today (Monday 7th January 2013) announced, by Facebook, that figures released by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) are on the up for the MG6, and that 2013 is going to be an exciting year. These statements immediately bring about several unanswered questions, where are these cars, and how can it be a special year unless sales produce "street furniture"?

Since my review of the MG6 back in March 2012, I have seen a total of 2 on the roads in the North-West. One of which was an Avis hire car. So what's going off?

With the DTi, and special BTCC models recently announced you would have expected some form of advertising to have been spotted at key times on the TV - I have yet to see anything. Whilst delivery dates are expected around mid January, for the DTi, you would still expect MG to re-ignite the passion for the brand.

Whilst I accept TV advertising is expensive - correctly used, and supported it is a proven promoter of brand awareness.

Being a fan of MG on Facebook I regularly find myself shouting the same question at posts, "But, where are these cars?", and following it with the answer "Not around here!". I will usually then sit and devise strategies to maximise exposure. The solution I always come back to is simple. Ask MG to loan me a sign written 6, fill the boot with brochures and just get out there and talk to people about this fantastically produced piece of British engineering. When I test drove the 6 last year the feedback I had was fantastic, the fact the car was a demonstrator sign written encouraged people to speak to me. Whether any of these actually turned into sales for MG it is hard to say, but driving around Manchester certainly raised eyebrows, and turned heads.

There is definitely interest out there, take this for example. is a single marque website, yet we have two pages relating to the MG6. Our top ten pages (not including the site homepage or menu pages) are as follows:

1. Featured MG 1100 Mk1
2. Featured Austin 1300 GT
3. Dashboard layouts
4. Press photos
5. Magazine advertising
6. Austin 1100 Countryman cutaway
7. MG6 - Driven
8. Magenta
9. ADO16 history
10. Prototypes

Our second MG6 page, relating to the sale of the demonstrator test driven earlier in the year ranks as the 13th most popular page on the site.

Now is the time for MG to prove it's worth in the UK car market. Already we have a tweaked version of a Chinese car that would bring new customers to the brand, as well as those willing to give the brand another go. I can see 2013 being a successful year for MG, but simple things can bring great rewards, doing things a little differently may just kick things into touch. Be daring MG!



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