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2016 - another year just flies by...


... I'm sure I've said that pretty much every year (except last year!!) where my annual fingers to keys look back never materialised.

What an action packed year on, I've refreshed/reloaded and added more new content than I have for a number of years. You're probably wondering why that is? Simply, without your contributions I couldn't make the site better - and bring the numerous articles up to speed. Whilst on that note, did you know there are currently 207 live pages on the site? I always feel that I've not done enough in a year to bring everything up to scratch - but I'm making headway (and at quite a fast pace at the moment!).

Visits to both the forum and have remained very healthy with us attracting 268,200 visitors (these figures are from the 1st January - 16th December). Whilst down on previous years - it's still healthy that the ADO16 manages to attract so much interest.

So what's coming down the road for 2017? We'll be launching international. An organisation that is wherever you are. With help, and support from fellow owners around the world. Whilst an official launch date is not yet known - it is hoped that this will take place early in the year (possibly as soon as quarter 1). has always believed in "doing things differently" and by working with our community we believe that we can bring everyone together. You'll have already seen the introduction of our "official" Facebook page which we use it for planned and formal posts - it is like our shop window to the world. There are, also, more updates planned to the site over the course of the year...

Other notable events this year include news from China that the Rover 75 (also MG 7, Roewe 750), has ended production after being manufactured since 1999. Unsurprising news came from MG Motors that the MG 6 was to be dropped from sale in the UK - swiftly followed by the announcement that Longbridge would no longer be "building" any cars. I visited Longbridge in December 2015, and it was sobering to see how much had disappeared. It was clear from the bleak landscape in front of me, that there was never a plan to seriously invest in production, instead create a PR stunt to make the public believe they were buying British... when in fact they weren't.

I'm really excited to see continue to grow, and as I said before - it's all thanks to you visiting and contributing. Without you, we simply don't exist! Please continue to get in touch with me, and share your feedback. It sometimes takes me a while to address feedback due to legacy coding issues - but I will always come back to you.




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