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2014 - the year we just had...

It doesn't seem five minutes since I wrote a message similar to this last year, thanking you for your continued support of the site, and looking forward to the next 12 months of But the reality is we are there, and it is that time of year again!

As usual, I want to thank you for taking the time to visit the site throughout the year. The content has gone from strength to strength, and I have taken the decision to include some other vehicles from the Austin>Rover stable. I have received a number of comments via email, and Facebook wondering if this is the end of and the start of something bigger. I can confirm, that there is no plan to do this. However, having experienced a fair few A>R products, and in the past having several separate sites it made sense to pull everything under one roof, and try and build up a bigger picture of the British Motoring Industry that has always played a part of my life.

When I summarise the year I feel like I'm appraising the achievements we have made throughout the year. This year it is is probably easier to undertake. Time is always a big factor when you take on something like a web site, and you only realise how much time it actually takes when you start adding certain types of content. This year has seen our image library grow extensively, with the inclusion of press photographs and a vast number of brochures (the newer the brochure the more pages they seem to have!). Whilst "on paper" it will therefore appear there haven't been that many updates, scanning, cropping and general opimising images for the web takes a vast amount of time. In addition, I hope that you can see the difference in quality between our earlier images, and the current changes.

It wouldn't be a true appraisal without adding something that I could do differently. I am disappointed that the site still is mixed between the current scheme, and older versions. Again, it is time consuming to update pages that do not have content dynamically written to them - but again progress is being made here, and over the next 12 months I'm hoping to bottom this out once and for all.

Visits to both and the forum boards have peaked this year, with over 700,000 visits. Just amazing! From something that had very limited traffic when it was first conceived in 1999, to turning over such big numbers now is impressive. Our Facebook page has grown throughout the year - and is also a hive of activity (if you've not yet had a look, please do so).

Finally, thank you to you all for making 2014 our most successful ever. Please do keep coming back, and as ever if you have anything to add please get in touch with me.


By Michael Turner



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