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1300 Corolla


This particular 1300 was in fact, nothing to do with BMC, BL, or even Toyota. Believe it, or, believe it not this car was in fact hand built in Zambia.

The car had started out life as a regular Toyota Corolla estate until its previous owner had rolled it over, destroying most of the upper bodywork. In Zambia the affordable solution is to repair the damaged car not replace it. So measurements were taken from the damaged car and a suitable body donor was found. In this case, an Austin 1300.

The 1300 cabin, which included the roof, windows, B posts, rear doors and front door frames were then welded onto the floorpan of the Toyota.

Due the climate in Zambia the 1300 was completely rust free and made a perfect donor car.

This article first appeared in The 1100 Club magazine, "Idle Chatter" in July/August 1994.



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